Hawkestone History Project

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Hawkestone Community Hall an Historical Committee was convened to collect, and present information of Hawkestone’s past.

The following is a slideshow of the storyboards that were created and displayed in the Hall on Canada Day, 2023.

The Hawkestone Community Hall was originally an Orange Lodge, a Protestant organization that was prevalent throughout the commonwealth countries at the time. Through their research, they received the minutes of the Orange Lodge. In it they found that the Hall was in fact built beginning November 1924 and the first Orange Lodge Meeting was held there in March of 1925. Therefore the 100th Anniversary may be held again in 2025.

There are 13 slides included below: The Mills and Dams; The Schools; The Early Settlers; Robinson and Mill Streets; The Churches of Hawkestone; the Indigenous Past; Lake Simcoe and the Steamships; the Railway comes to Hawkestone; Hawkestone and the Wars; the Mainstreet; the Hawkestone General Store; the Post Offices, Hotels and Taverns; and the Hawkestone Community hall.